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Tarra Queenscliff
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About Us

Welcome to TARRA Queenscliff – where the allure of contemporary Australian cuisine mingles with the serenity of ocean waves.

Unparalleled Culinary Craftsmanship

At the helm of our kitchen is the award-winning Executive Chef, Michael Demagistris, who brings his unparalleled expertise from working at some of the world's most distinguished restaurants. Alongside him, the talented Head Chef Ryan James, acclaimed in his own right, ensures that every dish speaks volumes of culinary finesse.

Our menu offers familiar favourites and innovative creations designed to delight both the discerning food connoisseur and the casual diner. One such creation, our signature "TARRA Charcuterie", is a testament to our dedication to handcrafted excellence. Every bite of our meticulously house-cured selections of salami, capocollo, and smoked Strasberg is paired with pickled farm-fresh vegetables and crusty bread, all created in-house with love.

Our culinary philosophy is simple - "Simple things done extraordinarily well". It's a commitment reflected in our devotion to crafting from scratch and sourcing seasonal ingredients. We're proud to partner with local Mornington and Bellarine Peninsulas suppliers, creating a seamless blend of local flavours and global expertise.

Breathtaking Beachfront Dining

Nestled on the ground floor of the architectural marvel that is the Queenscliff Ferry Terminal, TARRA Queenscliff promises an unparalleled dining experience. 

With seating for 60, every spot guarantees a majestic view. Just a few feet from the pristine waters, it's not uncommon to spot dolphins frolicking as you dine. Our ambience? Bright, family-friendly, and brimming with sophistication. 

Surrounded by the vast expanse of the ocean, it feels like nature enfolds you, offering a beachfront dining experience like no other.

A Journey Through Time

Our story began with the Queenscliff Ferry Terminal Redevelopment in December 2022, marking the culmination of a 15-year vision. 

Before TARRA, the location housed the beloved RORO Cafe on the beach – a quaint shack-style building that, over time, couldn't cater to the growing influx of patrons. 

Today, as part of the iconic Searoad Ferries, TARRA stands as a testament to the evolution, ambition, and unwavering love of the local community.

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Join us by the beach!

Dress as you are and immerse yourself in an experience that promises culinary wonders and nature's best views. Reservations can be made online, ensuring your spot at Queenscliff's best place to eat. Whether you're searching for a cafe, a sumptuous restaurant near me, or a slice of Queenscliff's history, TARRA Queenscliff awaits.


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