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TARRA Dinner Series

Savour the Story' at TARRA Queenscliff: an exclusive Dinner Series where Chef Michael Demagistris crafts a narrative through cuisine. Each month unveils a new story, told through local flavours and inspired dishes. Join us for a dining journey that goes beyond the plate.

TARRA Dinner Series


"Savour the Story" at TARRA Queenscliff is an exclusive dinner series that brings the personal and professional journeys of our chefs to your table.  

 Each month, explore a new chapter from executive chef Michael Demagistris' life, with themed menus inspired from the warmth of Nonna's Kitchen to his global restaurant experiences and memorable moments from his time on MasterChef Professionals, plus many more. 
 These stories are served through meticulously curated four-course menus, highlighting the best of local produce and craftsmanship. Embark on this intimate dining experience, where every dish is a conversation and every flavour is a memory.

Savour the story each month
$99 per person.

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June 15th  |  6:30pm - 10pm  |  $99 per person




Join us for "MasterChef Memories". This dinner series event revisits the highlights and challenges of Michael's time on MasterChef Australia: The Professionals in 2013. Experience the defining dishes that brought Michael to the top four, recreated with the skills and insights he has honed since then. 

Now, with a decade more experience, Michael revisits those pivotal creations he plated on the show. The dinner series isn't just about reliving his past; it's about celebrating how far he's come. From the perfected salt and pepper quail, which was lauded by the judges as one of the best dishes in the competition, to perfecting dishes he struggled with, this dinner will highlight how far he has come over the past decade. 
"MasterChef Memories" is more than a meal; it's a journey alongside Michael as he pulls back the curtain on a unique experience that few Professional Chefs have experienced.

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